The Remembrance

Dir. Brandon Taylor

A man, Nate, is drawn towards helping others, entangled in the lives he has unwillingly affected.

Here With Me

Dir. Brandon Taylor

An outside attack forces people to come together.

Paired Up

Dir. Melissa Sherry

Ellie returns home from LA for her best friend, Sophia's, engagement party.

Until I Find You

Dir. Brandon Taylor

An omniscient presence hunts two women.

They Hunger

Dir. Brendan Steere

Two teenagers must reconcile their differences in a post-apolcalyptic high school.

Zombie Killers

EPK Dir Brandon Taylor

EPK featuring Mischa Barton, Billy Zane, Dee Wallace for "Zombie Killers".

Ultraviolet Light

Dir. Alexandra Nyman

Music video for singer/songwriter Maria Loguidice.


Dir. Brandon Taylor

A young woman can maniuplate time.

Heat Death

Dir. C.M. Buck

Nine friends ponder life after high school.

Growing Over You

Dir. Brandon Taylor

A couple moves into their new place.

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